long length

Given a long unary string, check that its length is exactly $2^h$.


For every $h\geq 1$, long length$h$ (or just llen$h$) is defined over the unary alphabet $\{\mathtt0\}$. Its instances are all unary strings of length $\leq2^h$. The unary string of length exactly $2^h$ is the only positive instance. All other instances are negative.

E.g., $\mathtt{00000000}$ is the only positive instance of llen$3$; all unary strings of length $\lt8$ are negative instances. (Strings of length $\gt8$ are not instances of the problem.)


Introduced by Kapoutsis 2009, as a straightforward example of a problem in 22D\2D. (The original definition allowed arbitrarily long instances, but this is not essential in this context.)

The name “long length” is suggested by this site. huh?

See iterated long length for the variant where the length must be a multiple of $2^h$, and length for the variant where the length must be $h$.

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llen$^r$:$\leq_\text{id}$ llen$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ llen$^r$:$\leq_\text{h}$ llen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1D}$ llen$^r$:$\leq_\text{1D}$ llen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{RD}$ llen$^r$:$\leq_\text{RD}$ llen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{2D}$ llen$^r$:$\leq_\text{2D}$ llen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1N}$ llen$^r$:$\leq_\text{1N}$
illen:$\leq_\text{id}$ illen:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ illen:$\leq_\text{h}$ illen:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1D}$ illen:$\leq_\text{1D}$ illen:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{RD}$ illen:$\leq_\text{RD}$ illen:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{2D}$ illen:$\leq_\text{2D}$ illen:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1N}$ illen:$\leq_\text{1N}$ illen$^r$:$\leq_\text{id}$ illen$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ illen$^r$:$\leq_\text{h}$ illen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1D}$ illen$^r$:$\leq_\text{1D}$ illen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{RD}$ illen$^r$:$\leq_\text{RD}$ illen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{2D}$ illen$^r$:$\leq_\text{2D}$ illen$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1N}$ illen$^r$:$\leq_\text{1N}$