moore separability

Given a binary string, check that it can be split into substrings of the form $\mathtt0^*\mathtt1((\mathtt0{+}\mathtt1)^{h-2}\mathtt1)^+$.


For every $h\geq 1$, moore separability$h$ (or just moore$h$) is defined over the binary alphabet $\{\mathtt0,\mathtt1\}$. Its instances are all binary strings.

A binary string is a block if it has the form $\mathtt0^*\mathtt1((\mathtt0{+}\mathtt1)^{h-2}\mathtt1)^+$, namely it starts with zero or more $\mathtt0$s, and continues with two or more $\mathtt1$s separated by substrings of length $h{-}2$. E.g., if $h=5$, then the strings $\mathtt{00101010001}$, $\mathtt{00010001}$, and $\mathtt{11111}$ are blocks. In contrast, the strings $\mathtt{0010010}$ and $\mathtt{111101111}$ are not blocks.

A binary string is a positive instance if it is a concatenation of blocks, i.e., if it can be split into blocks. If not, then it is a negative instance.

E.g., the following string is a positive instance of moore$5$

because it can be split into the substrings
$\mathtt{00101110101}$   $\mathtt{0111110011}$
which are both blocks. In contrast, the string
is a negative instance, because there is no way to split it into blocks.

Introduced by Moore 1971 (also Moore 1969), as a problem in 1N\1D which witnesses the exact value of the trade-off in the conversion from 1NFAs to 1DFAs. Actually described only via the 1NFA that solves it, e.g., for $h=5$:1NFA solving the problem when h=5 (In Moore 1971, the single final state was $h{-}1$; here, we have changed it to $1$, to increase symmetry while preserving all essential properties.)

The name “moore separability” is suggested by this site. huh?

See ott separability, hennie separability, and separability for three related problems.

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owl:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ owl$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sep:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sep$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sp:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sp$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ twl:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1D}$ twl$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1D}$
owl:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ owl$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sep:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sep$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sp:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ sp$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ twl:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1D}$ twl$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1D}$ owl:$\leq_\text{h}$ owl:$\leq_\text{1D}$ owl:$\leq_\text{RD}$ owl:$\leq_\text{2D}$ owl:$\leq_\text{1N}$ owl$^r$:$\leq_\text{h}$ owl$^r$:$\leq_\text{1D}$ owl$^r$:$\leq_\text{RD}$ owl$^r$:$\leq_\text{2D}$ owl$^r$:$\leq_\text{1N}$ sep:$\leq_\text{h}$ sep:$\leq_\text{1D}$ sep:$\leq_\text{RD}$ sep:$\leq_\text{2D}$ sep:$\leq_\text{1N}$ sep$^r$:$\leq_\text{h}$ sep$^r$:$\leq_\text{1D}$ sep$^r$:$\leq_\text{RD}$ sep$^r$:$\leq_\text{2D}$ sep$^r$:$\leq_\text{1N}$ sp:$\leq_\text{h}$ sp:$\leq_\text{1D}$ sp:$\leq_\text{RD}$ sp:$\leq_\text{2D}$ sp:$\leq_\text{1N}$ sp$^r$:$\leq_\text{h}$ sp$^r$:$\leq_\text{1D}$ sp$^r$:$\leq_\text{RD}$ sp$^r$:$\leq_\text{2D}$ sp$^r$:$\leq_\text{1N}$ twl:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ twl:$\leq_\text{h}$ twl:$\leq_\text{1D}$ twl:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{RD}$ twl:$\leq_\text{RD}$ twl:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{2D}$ twl:$\leq_\text{2D}$ twl:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1N}$ twl:$\leq_\text{1N}$ twl$^r$:$\leq^\text{t}_\text{h}$ twl$^r$:$\leq_\text{h}$ twl$^r$:$\leq_\text{1D}$ twl$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{RD}$ twl$^r$:$\leq_\text{RD}$ twl$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{2D}$ twl$^r$:$\leq_\text{2D}$ twl$^r$:$\leq^\text{lac}_\text{1N}$ twl$^r$:$\leq_\text{1N}$